On April 5, 2019 which coincided on Friday, our study program, S-1 Japanese Language and Culture received a visit for a comparative study as well as friendship from the Japanese Language Education Study Program University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) which was held in the Multipurpose Building, Faculty of Science Diponegoro University Culture Semarang with quite high enthusiasm. The purpose of this comparative study visit was with the intention of sharing knowledge and information about lectures of each University in general, and also not forgetting to strengthen the relationship between UMY Japanese Language Education study programs and Diponegoro University BKJ as study programs that are developing together in similar educational pathways.

Students of UMY Japanese Language Study Program arrived at DIPONEGORO UNIVERSITY at around 8:30 WIB. After that, the visit was followed by an opening ceremony filled with the reading of the Koran by Armi, one of the representatives of BKJ Diponegoro University. He read the Koran which was listened to by all participants in a solemn ceremony. The second series of events was singing Indonesia Raya song together which was guided by a conductor from one of the representatives of BKJ Diponegoro University, then officially opened by the Chairperson of the BKJ Diponegoro University S-1 Study Program and the Chair of the UMY Japanese Language Study Program which was also attended by the Deputy Dean Communication & Business FIB Diponegoro University. He gave quite interesting remarks, one of which was by slipping a few closing words in Japanese which he had learned first.

At 09.15 WIB, the event continued with a student discussion forum to exchange information about matters relating to academics, curriculum, student affairs, infrastructure and teaching and learning activities for students. The discussion forum between students consisted of several groups in which there were representatives of BKJ students with a total of about 3-4 people, and then combined with 8-10 people from the UMY Japanese Language Study Program. The student discussion forum, both from UMY Japanese Language Study Program Students and BKJ Diponegoro University students, was very active in exchanging information and questions and answers on the issues discussed at the time.

After that, exactly at 10:15 pm followed by a series of future events that Campus Tour, which is where every Student of Japanese Language Study UMY that of the group will be invited to visit once met briefly with the facilities contained in the FIB which includes Building A, Building B, Building C, Building D, Mosque, and others. Diponegoro University BKJ student who was in the group provide guidance and explain the little functionality and usability of these facilities in the learning and development of each student. Then all the students back inside the Multipurpose Building to watch the entertainment circuit. BKJ Diponegoro University Soran Bushi dance performance by one of BKJ Diponegoro University kurabu, namely Harukaze Odori.


At the end of the show it was time for the handover of souvenir of Japanese Language Study Program UMY to BKJ Diponegoro University and vice versa, and ended with the closure. After that held photos together in the area of ​​Crop Circle Faculty of Humanities. The latter is a series of Friday prayers in congregation in the Multipurpose Building of the Faculty of Humanities.