Community Service

Year Title Service / Community Service Activities
2015/2016 1 Benefits of Using OJAD in Intonation and Accent Learning
2015/2016 2 Training on Literacy Letter Writing Competition for Muhammadiyah Wonosobo High School Students
2015/2016 3 Introduction of Japanese Culture through Symbols in Japanese Traditional Clothing to High School Students 1 and 16 Semarang
2015/2016 4 Teaching Japanese Conversation at SMAN Semarang
2015/2016 5 Training on Reading and Writing Kana Letters for MAN 1 Semarang Students
2016/2017 1 Introduction to the Utilization of Washi Paper and Japanese Origami Art Training
2016/2017 2 Training on Using Yukata as Learning to Learn Japanese Culture
2016/2017 3 Introduction and Training of JLPT to High School Students in Semarang and surrounding areas
2016/2017 4 Basic Japanese Language Skills Training for Students of SMKN 1 Depok Sleman
2016/2017 5 Japanese Cuisine Cooking Training for PKK Mothers in the Tembalang District of Semarang
2016/2017 6 JLPT Training for Employees in Companies in Semarang
2016/2017 7 Introduction of ORIGAMI Japanese Culture to Elementary School Children in Semarang
2017/2018 1 Training and Introduction of Japanese Cuisine
2017/2018 2 Aisatsu o Tanoshiku Naraimashoo as a Japanese Language Introduction and Learning Method for Beginner Learners
2017/2018 3 Introduction to Work Culture and Ethics in Japanese Companies (In House Training PT Indonesia Magma Chain Semarang)
2017/2018 4 Basic Japanese Conversation Training and Introduction to Japanese Culture for Prospective Nurses and Caregivers of Indonesia
2017/2018 5 Representation of Cultural Values ​​in Tea Ceremony
2017/2018 6 Introduction of Kamishibai: Japanese Story Telling Method
2017/2018 7 Introduction and Training of Japanese Calligraphy for High School Students in Central Java
2017/2018 8 Training in Making Sushi and Onigiri as an Effort to Create Entrepreneurs
2017/2018 9 Introduction to Japanese Ala Flower Arrangement Culture (Ikebana)
2017/2018 10 Training on Using Yukata as Learning to Know Japanese Culture
2017/2018 11 Introduction of Japanese Ethics to Caregiver Candidates for the elderly at STIKES Utama Scholar Kudus
2017/2018 12 Strengthening of Character for Becak Drivers in Yogyakarta
2017/2018 13 Efforts to Increase Students’ Japanese Language Ability through the Use of Language Labs
2017/2018 14 Early Brainstorming with Origami for Children